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Recent Additions/News

Comic Creator 3 is out! (April 22, 2014)

Here it is, the thing you all have been dreading waiting for...

Comic Creator 3 is out!

After sitting on my hard drive for almost a month, I decided that it should go on the website since I have run out of new ideas for it.
Note that I will add new objects/characters to it shortly.
You can access it here.

The Website

I am planning to redesign the website.
Everything will still be in the same place, but
I am going to style it up a little bit.
I think there will be comic panels tiled in the background
and a few white boxes for the content. (The header, sidebars, content, search box, and footer)

Some news... (March 3, 2014)

After a long break, I have started working on this site again.
What you can expect soon:

  1. Comic Creator 3.
  2. Dino Mutt, the comic.

Comic Creator 3

Yes, it is coming. It is a big improvement over the previous versions.
Here's some features that you can expect:

Here's a picture of a panel made in the new version (click to enlarge):
Error loading image. This isn't your day, is it?

Dino Mutt, the comic

Your website is Dino Mutt Comics, but there aren't any comics!
Yeah, I know. I took a break, but now I am working on it.
No pictures yet, but I have written the script.
Once I finish Comic Creator 3, I may make it into a comic in there.


I made a PHP-based part of my website called MyDog.
It's where people can blog about their dogs.
You can check it out at mydog.dinomuttcomics.com.


Now I have an area on my website where I put stuff that won't fit into any of the other categories.
I call it the Projects page, because it's for some of my projects.
Click here to go to the Projects page.

Comic Creator 2

In the first Comic Creator, you could only use 3 characters.
Now, in Comic Creator 2, you can use more!
You can also add text to your comics, change the background, and even save.
Click here to play!

Dino Mutt's Doghouse!!!!!!

Dino Mutt's Doghouse is now available for playing!!!
Click here to play!!!